Day 88 – Support

18 Dec 2019

Today has been a testing one but that’s one of the reasons I love my job, that it does push and challenge me and sat with 2 great line managers talking through solutions was really empowering for us all.

It has been a long day, Wednesday’s always are and as my food cooks, I started to open Christmas cards which arrived and as it turns out, one was a little out of the norm. My very lovely friend sent me one with a special message that made me laugh and then have a little sob! To be described as ‘strong, brave, smart and totally fabulous’, even now brings a lump to my throat! As I said it has been a long day!

I have also had messages from a couple of male friends who took the time to say they were impressed at what I was doing and that my ‘voice’ is a strong one, which can be heard through my children and I should be proud of that. One of my very closest male friends in the world, always hugs me now and tells me how proud he is of me. Again, all a little overwhelming!

I’ve been accused in the past of being a ‘feminist’, like this is an insult. Nope, I simply, believe that people are equal and am raising my son and daughter in the same way to understand this.  If they both stand up and say they are happy to say they believe in equality of sexes, then that also makes them mini feminists in training. I am constantly inspired by the women around me, and the men, who just get it, it isn’t hard. Fight for what you believe and with integrity and can’t go far wrong in life.

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