Day 89 – Strength

19 Dec 2019

Inner strength seems to appear just when you need it to. It is a funny thing, regardless of how confident you are, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper and find that added strength to get through.

Added ‘strength’ could be needed to get through a heavy work period, projects being off track or simply stress as time is running out.

You may need to dig deeper as you are pushing yourself towards a personal goal, weight loss, fitness, the extra mile in a run.

It may be needed when something unexpected happens to you, when you are thrown a little by external factors and need to steady yourself.

You may need to borrow or recharge a little from others, often a few well placed words give the encouragement needed to keep going.

Everyone faces this at some point, as we move into the final count down to Christmas, take a little time to think that others may need an extra smile, hug or in fact the simple question of ‘are you ok?’

I saw someone today, who I adore, he is a beautiful person and has needed a little extra support recently but he got that, unconditionally from people who love and care for him. He really dug deep and I am immensely proud of him and can see the inner strength glowing from him now.

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