Day 9 – #Internationalcoffeday

1 Oct 2019

I do love a good coffee. For me it is more than a caffeine boost that keeps me going. I love the fact that a coffee acts as a prop to enable so many other activities. How many times have you said, ‘let’s just grab a coffee?’, then conversations have flowed, stories exchanged, and problems solved over a small hot cup of black liquid.  

One of the daily activities in my team at Aspin was making coffee or buying a round when the coffee man arrived for the team. It pulled us together daily, for just a few moments away from the desks and I miss this ritual. Today I did have a coffee at a great independent called Coffee and Wine, @Alex and Jack provide a great space, make great coffee and serve even better wine! I can see myself going in there more often now I don’t have the team around me, even if it is to keep a little ritual going in my working day.

So, here I sit at my home desk, preparing for tomorrow for my first client/contract as Interim Head of People, Culture and Development, absorbing organisational structure, names and looking at the schedule for the next few weeks. I wonder what type of rituals may develop over the next few months as I get to know the teams and people and how many coffee chats I have.

#challenge #100days #HR