Day 90 – Ice Breaker

20 Dec 2019

Apparently, I was told the oversized grey roll neck jumper I was wearing today made looked like Gru from Despicable Me! That did make me smile but I was in the mood for a jumper that hugged me. It was one of those types of days.

I have played this game before and it was decided that if I were a cartoon character, I would be Edna from Incredibles, again, I can see this when I sport my glasses and at times I can be a little blunt when required.

One of my favourite pastimes as a child and then in my gap year whist sitting around a lot, was to look at strangers and imagine what type of animal they looked like. I was once told that I was a gazelle, but by someone who then told me they were a predator and saw me as prey, she was a little scary and not at all intimidating when at a team building event!

We have all sat through ice breakers at training sessions, trying to think of a story or fact to share with a group but actually, this can be really hard for some people. We all understand different personality types, some are much happier to share information than others, some of us are more introverted or simply private and don’t want to share an experience from their personal life in a work environment. I do think as company cultures evolve that there needs to be more consideration to these types of ‘fun’ sessions as I can see if potentially causing HR all sorts of headaches.

What could replace it as a way to make people feel at ease, I don’t know yet, but I will put my thinking cap on and happy for people to throw ideas and suggestions at me to consider.

Well seeing as it is Friday and next week is Christmas week and I have still a lot to do, I am logging off for the day and will remove the oversized jumper as it has now made me overheat a little!!

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