Day 91 again /(53!) – What’s in a number anyway!

22 Dec 2019

I am sat organising and am heading/footing the blogs and pre loading to website to save time in the actual writing time each day so I can focus on festivities ahead and realised I have posted every day but have managed to miss the title of Day 53!

Excellent work Alice!!

In my defense, I was really unwell that week and the fact I was able to manage work, 2 unwell children and only loose the plot in ability to count isn’t the end of the world.

It did confuse my brain just now and I had to take the logical steps to unravel it, find the problem and think of some solutions.

I can’t ignore it as the 100th day needs to fall on 31st December. This is fixed so what are my options?

One was to go back and re number the days, possible but then I am just making good the errors, so they conform and look uniform. A huge part of me wants to do this as I really do like order, but my integrity kicks in and I just can’t.

Leave it as it is and say nothing!*

I figured no one else picked it up or someone would have said and that is the beauty of social media, it is instant and then the feed moves on. The words or some of them may have struck a chord, but who cares what I called the day or other ramblings and I guess that is the important bit, filter and retain the information that you need.

(*Bugs me a bit if just ignore it as now I know, I can’t unknow it. I say this a lot in everyday HR, don’t tell me unless it is fact and you want me to do something with it…)

Option that I have taken, hold my hand up and say… ooopps, I am human, and it is the way that fate has taken me and now adds to my journey! For all the checks and balances I put in place, for the detail focused approach I have, I am at the end of the day just human. It is just me, not a team of people, no proofreaders, no social media experts, just Alice wading through the first 100 days of Peony and Magnolia.

Apparently I am able to manage multi projects at the same time with very few errors, able to problem solve when faced with a hurdle and most importantly own a mistake if I make it!

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