Day 95 – Reward

26 Dec 2019

Boxing Day- this year a little different from the norm. I spent many hours doing DIY, yep, as well as run a HR consultancy, I can follow instructions (fairly well!) and build, actual things! Today was a high-rise bed, single handed.

Why? Well because of my daughter.

She has proved to me that she can sleep in her bed all night, consistently and the end goal was that the bed was raised. Every morning when she slept all night, she got to wear a scrunchie, yep the 80’s version in a high ponytail as a mini reward, but she knew if she did it every night, then the end ultimate reward was very exciting. I have a feeling this one will go far as she absolutely grasps the idea, the more you put in, the bigger and more rewarding the outcome.

I’ve had a few days without the children, the only way I have managed to get through is to surround myself with people who love me, I needed them to keep me going. I was then able to focus on the children and have planned a wonderful surprise for them to return home to. Apparently, the more you focus on something, the more you believe in something, the more you can make it happen.

Without an incentive, motivation, reason to achieve I find that people get easily distracted and complacent. Life is far too short to sit and not strive for something a little bit more, however hard the fight, struggle, battle is. Life is worth it and you get just one bash at giving it your best effort

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