Day 96 – Home

27 Dec 2019

On the radio there was talk about today being, well just the 27th December and a bit of an anticlimax, as we have all been focused on the Christmas Eve/Day and Boxing Day that with a bit of a jolt, today is well, just a Friday again without any other title. For some, it is back to work, for others another day to visit family or friends.

For me, the 27th Dec was my target day. The children are back home, and they adore their bedroom makeovers. The look on their faces, made the chaos and the craziness in between worth it. There is just an unconditional love between the 3 of us, which if I tried to describe, I would do an injustice to.

We opened presents and they took their time looking at each one, we are a family of bookworms so almost straight away noses were in their new books. I plan to do just that, sit and read. I was given a really interesting book, ‘Rebel Ideas’, subject is diverse thinking, so in my new wine glass, I will pour myself a wine and curl up with the cats on the sofa. The balance in the house is restored and the stillness is one of happiness and completeness.

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