Day 97- Almost there

28 Dec 2019

So, in a matter of days, we will be in 2020 and a new decade. Wow, what a lot has happened in the last 10 years of my life, an incredible amount which I didn’t plan for or predict.

A snippet of the great journey;

My career, my decision to focus on HR and have a job that doesn’t feel like work (most of the time!) and now being able to set my own company up is truly empowering

Maintaining a solid friendship group, making new friends and having a network of amazing people in my life.

Becoming a mum, watching my friends become parents, making new friends because I am a mum, a whole life I didn’t have 10 years ago. Becoming an Aunt to 3 little people who all think I am a little bonkers.

Making decisions that were brave, they changed my life and I will be forever grateful that I found the strength to do it.

As we head into the next 10 years, I can’t wait, I really have a sense of ownership of life, I know the direction I want to head in, I know what I would like to achieve and I know the people I want to take with me on the next steps. I will continue to live in the here and now, plan a little on the way, focus on the positives and growth of myself and my children.

Come on 2020… we are ready for you!

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