Day 98 – Magic

29 Dec 2019

Since I was a young child, I have adored Mary Poppins. The books, the films and today, my Christmas present to the next generation was to a trip to London to see the stage show. I dragged my mum and sister the first-time round, some 15 odd years ago and this time, 4 additional little people in tow. I think the only word to describe it can be… MAGIC! Mary Poppins is sharp tongued, says what she thinks and takes no nonsense, just as P.L Travers created her character to be like, not too sugar coated!

At various stages the children were all in awe, Bert tap dancing on the ceiling, Mary Poppins flying into the audience or just singing along to a spoonful of sugar and clapping away. Being in a London theatre was a great experience for them all.

The whole of London was magical if I am honest, the lights and excitement for the children of Leicester Square and noise and bustle of china town and the buzz on being in the city is just fun. As the 10 of us sat together extending the festive fun over brunch, the adults were all in agreement how polite the children were. They all placed their own orders, asked for additional drinks and the waiter commented how impressed he was. The youngest is 2 and oldest is 8 and they absolutely smashed being super stars today.

Tomorrows post will be a little longer as I plan a round up on the penultimate day of the first 100 days of Peony & Magnolia, but for now, no more thinking of work and I might dig out my Mary P DVD and sit and sing along.

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