Growth at P&M

We are big believers of investing in ourselves and the business as we know when we do, it positively impacts others. 

Some of you may have heard me talk about my love of the peony in relation to growth. People are made up of so many different layers, that every stage brings something new and can be enjoyed at that moment. But the hard work goes on down at the roots. It is the bit we don’t see that makes the peony so amazing and before people can bloom, it requires making sure lots of other factors and conditions are right.  

It is important to us that we invest in ourselves with the appropriate ‘tools’ and experience to effectively manage and navigate the complexity of leading people.

This is why we embarked on adding to our portfolio an Advanced Accredited Intuitive Psychology coaching diploma. We don’t like dong things half hearted at P&M.

We see repeated behaviours and interactions, most costing time and money and many having a negative impact on wellbeing, mental health and performance.

This holistic approach, which has been fortified by research and the science of psychology, enables us to use our innate abilities, to speak to the whole person, rather than profiling them or putting them in a box.

The aim here is to resolve underlying issues through coaching, which encourages long-lasting effects with mindset changes, performance and happiness. 

This is an investment in preventing future people issues.

Our business is your People- it is as simple as that at P&M.

Why jump at the chance to do an advanced coaching diploma?

Good question! Why not stay in my HR lane, the one that has been well trodden over 20 years! Well I am happy here and I am certainly not giving up the business I have built and grown, this is just adding sparkle to what we already do at P&M! 

Over the last few years of running P&M, I have been asked regularly in my network for recommendations for Coaches. I have always passed on people I feel are a fantastic match. I would never say ‘Oh I can help’ – despite being approached, despite years of experience and all my training!

So, when an advanced coaching diploma appeared in front of me, why did I jump at the opportunity to do it?

  • It is accredited by the Association of Coaching and to advanced diploma level which pushes my learning buttons, not to add letters to my name, but to expand my knowledge which I can pass on to others.
  • It combines science, psychology, evidence-based learning, brings out the geek in me and pulls out the learning I have already built on and spotlights trusting our gut feelings. Tuning into years of training and knowledge but also knowing how to work with people, trusting my intuition is my superpower!
  • I am the first cohort of 20, and will always be able to say I am one of the first to achieve this qualification and the FIRST HR professional in the world!

I have a passion for learning. In my 20’s I studied for my degree in Business and HRM, in my 30’s I gained a Masters in HRM and CIPD accreditation. In my 40’s I embarked on a coaching diploma. Wonder what the next thing will be! 

Why creating solid foundations in your business matters.

We talk about compassionate leadership at P&M but what does this mean in reality.

It means leaders understanding that empathy and insights are a huge building block but these good intentions really are not enough.

3 blocks towards creating a leadership legacy.

  1. By creating business foundations based on knowledge, frameworks, processes and skills. Frameworks that truly support people, across all areas of the company.
  2. By seeking external expertise and invest in development of your people. This isn’t just in a shape of an EAP support line, but by understanding and evolving around peoples needs. Look at your people data- what is it telling you!
  3. Creating ripple effects, through educating people how they can support themselves in and out of work. Lean into understanding more about the whole person and how small practices can lead to new habits. This is empowering others for the greater good, not just the bottom line.

We often talk about getting the HR foundations right, it means when things start to wobble or you have to adapt your business, the depth of the foundations will be solid enough to withstand the current storm.

In fact, P&M really enjoy working alongside founders and leaders who really understand that compassionate leadership isn’t just a buzz word.

Does this sound familiar?

We love making a difference. This often means working with senior leadership teams, founders and we love adding value thorough your people.

A major benefit of coaching means we can open up a niche and support specific people on a 1:1 basis. That’s a very exciting position to be in.

We get to help people who get that the magic happens when we add in logic, experience and knowledge with trusting your gut, listening to your body, really tuning into yourself – as honestly, this isn’t taught enough in leadership programs!

Does this sound familiar?

  •  Are there people in your business you can see are ready for growth but you don’t want to go down the traditional cookie cutter management training route.
  • Are you excelling in all areas of life, apart from one, which you can’t work out how to unravel yourself. Something is just not fully aligned with your authentic self.
  •  Have you forgotten what their own voice sounds like. Being a Yes person, fitting in, filtering, forgetting who you are and that you voice really does matters.
  •  You could be feeling unwell, your body is just screaming to change something. Are you having high levels of absence, fatigued and feeling under constant stress.

If you are interested in adding this into your team or would like the chance to work on a 1:1 basis- waitlist is now open!


Inspiring other HR consultants is just a happy by-product of what we innately want to bring to this world. We have our values to help guide us and keep us in check and role modelling is a big part of P&M’s story.

We naturally attract those with a similar value sets and we love working with Kate and Hannah who both have fantastic, visionary approaches to working with people. We are empowered by them. 

Our voice used to be smaller. Not so much over the last few years! We love using the P&M platform to effect change and start conversations.

Though scary – being visible is EMPOWERING. You’ll find the magic happens if we role model trust, respect, nobility and compassion. From this creative, collaborative approach, innovative cultures are created and networks are formed.



Peony & Magnolia