Happy New Year!

It is the dawn of a New Year and P&M want to welcome it with open arms and a full embrace for companies looking to boost their business and develop their people.

May this year be the one where we all feel that little bit more secure, settled and sorted in this ever-changing world.

Since starting back in 2019 it was, and is, Peony & Magnolia’s endeavour to make our business about your people. We have a genuine belief that this is the right way to approach working with you, not only putting your needs first but also your team.

We will continue to stand by our core beliefs as well as bring valuable updates and all things happening in the HR world, be that through our newsletter, through Espresso or our podcast, Playing with Hire.

We don’t want you to miss anything key to a happy, efficient business.

We are EXCITED for 2024.

Here’s to a new chapter 🥂

Have you planned 2024 yet?

Going into a New Year always seems to give that ‘new beginnings’ feeling and we’re here for refreshing changes or perhaps essential maintenance. Your progress from 2023 may mean you are more than happy with how your business is going but does that mean you sit and coast through?

Going through a people plan of action not only gives you mental clarity but also sets up some mindful goals to help you aim to help reach those business targets. There’s plenty for you to work through with regards to HR and help keep your key assets, your people, happy and in a positive work environment.

Here is some food for thought going into 2024 that you might consider for your business.

🌸Reflect on 2023 – what was the good, the bad and the ‘to be improved’

🌸What are the gaps in your business regarding HR policies, what is tripping you up or making you feel vulnerable, have you prepared for the employment law changes?

🌸Is it time to embrace restructuring strategies to retain the best talent, to attract new and diverse thoughts, skills and experiences

🌸What development plans can I get myself or the team involved in to help build a strong business, do you train, coach or mentor?

🌸Are your current work models beneficial or do these need to be addressed? The shifting sands of flexible working, culture and wellbeing will resonate with many.

Do you just need someone to be your thinking partner, to help you create your people plan?

What can businesses reap from having HR Professionals in the workplace?

No matter the size of the business…

HR is important to have in your organisation. Not only to support and guide in the hiring of talent, but to nurture and monitor the entire employee life cycle.

From understanding how to employ people, attracting and appointing, through to onboarding and managing, HR are the pillars of knowledge needed to help you grow a team of specialised individuals to power a successful business.

Investing in this time and support not only means you hire the best talent for the role, but it also helps to retain and grow this talent, leading to a positive workplace culture and a fully engaged team.

Building a team of strong, confident and positive individuals is the driving force of a successful business and leads to increased productivity and a happier customer base.

HR professionals are not there for the ‘hiring and the firing’, they are there to grow success.

How will ways of working change in 2024?

The standard work week of 9 to 5, 8 hour days in the office, has been challenged throughout 2023, even more so it seems since the pandemic of 2020. Not only are 4 day work weeks coming into action, as well as hybrid and remote work opportunities, but company benefits are also under the microscope – and not in the way you may think…

According to a report by Lifesum, nearly half of Gen Z and millennials (47%) would quit their job tomorrow for one that better supported their well being, and nearly three quarters (71%) said they would be more productive at work if their employer improved their health and well being.

This, in honesty, can apply to any age group and keeping up with these new changes and what the employee market is looking for is crucial in mitigating the refreshed ways of working.


P&M truly wish you an amazing start to a fresh New Year.

As we set our intentions to help steer us through the next 12 months, it would be lovely to hear what you plan to focus on, personally or professionally, our inbox is always open!

You can keep up with all things HR with P&M through our Resources or following us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Wishing you all the best



Peony & Magnolia