Let’s raise a glass

This month marks P&M’s 4 year anniversary and what a 4 years it has been!

When we reflect on the journey so far, the growth and development of what we deliver, we are pleased that we have persevered with purpose. We never wanted to be ‘just another HR Consultancy’ and we are happy that we continue to evolve our offering so we are in a position to influence the future of HR in the workplace.

We endeavor to deliver advice that supports your people, guided by a solid ethical compass and our values. Passionate about advising and steering your business, being compassionate and commercial in the same breath.

We are proud to have built a solid foundation for ourselves by focusing on our core values such as perseverance and empowerment. We are thankful for our core clients and associate partners. Our additional voluntary roles compliment our drive for equity and give us a chance to use our voice in these important topics.

We are elated for what the future holds and look forward to the year ahead.

What’s on the Horizon for P&M

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) Hertfordshire Branch committee recently saw Ruth George take over as Chair and invite Alice to be part of the volunteer committee. The CIPD is a globally recognised professional body that sets the behavioural standards for HR Professionals and people development and it is an incredible honour to be asked.

Alice also volunteers with The Careers & Enterprise Company as an Enterprise Advisor (EA) and has completed the first year supporting a SEND school in Hertfordshire.

There is no slowing down as we head into our 5th year, as Alice will be starting a 6 month diploma in Intuitive Coaching, accredited by Association of Coaching with the IP (The Intuitive Psychology Association | Intuitive Psychology Coach training programme (intuitive-psychology.com) to further add to the P&M offering.

This is of particular importance as it aligns with how P&M wish to move forward and manage people more holistically in the work place by bringing in knowledge and experience of employment laws and practices with a deeper understanding of people and how they are motivated.

We pause for a moment, simply to recognise how far we have come, and then look forward to see how many more exciting things there are to experience….

We don’t stand still long at P&M!

Shifting workplace structures

The ball is rolling and more and more companies are permanently restructuring the working ‘norm’ to help enhance productivity and happiness in the workplace.

We may have seen a big shift in remote and hybrid working and the testing of waters with the four-day work week, all with the aim to give workers more flexibility and improve productivity, not to mention efficiency in the workplace. Without a doubt, this has benefited many people and provided access to work by removing certain traditional barriers.

However, we can’t help but question if these changes are having a positive effect in every company and for every person. We are seeing an increase in conflict over increased micro management, poor people management, increase in intense working time and splits in team culture.

One area of project work which has increased, is ensuring contracts of employment and terms and conditions reflect the changes in the custom and practices which have been gradually introduced. Through consulting with your people, the benefits of talking and discussing individual needs and requirements helps everyone understand the most attractive way of working. We have worked with some fantastic leaders this year who are committed to creating the most productive workplaces for the future.

We love working with companies who want to invest in building strong foundations of people management.

Prioritising a diverse and inclusive culture

It’s no secret at P&M that we are allies of equity and truly value the importance of diversity and inclusion to avoid a toxic workplace – and this goes well beyond having a strong moral compass. Retaining your employees and valuing their talent and contribution, changing the work culture from within, is financially beneficial. This makes for a productive and happy workplace and will attract people who align with these values and bring new skills and perspectives.

Become a safe place with zero tolerance for disruptive or toxic behaviour, be brave and tackle the problems straight on to gain an open and transparent line of communication with the whole team.

Diversity and inclusion with only lead to better collaboration and innovation, and the rewards will not only be seen in your team but in your business as well.

We’ve offered plenty of food for thought with our anniversary issue – changes are happening in work place cultures and we continue to power forward to support how you nurture your people through these changes.

Lastly, a big thank you to all those who have been a cheerleader to the P&M journey so far, we really wouldn’t be here without you.



Peony & Magnolia