What’s blooming at P&M this Spring 🌷

Welcome April! …and the brand new employment legislation with it that YOU need to know about…

Changes in employment legislation, came into play on 6 April 2024. Here’s a quick recap –

Employment Legislation Updates

There are significant changes to the following;

  • Employment Rights (Flexible Working) Act 2023
  • Carer’s Leave Act 2024
  • Maternity Leave, Adoption Leave & Shared
    Parental Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2024
  • The Paternity Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2024
  • The Workers (Predictable Terms & Conditions) Act 2023
  • The Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023

If you’re not sure what this means for you and you don’t know where to start, do not panic as we have been polishing up on our employment law and are here to help you.

Magnolia – bold or boring?!

As spring starts to really get moving, I think I must have shouted – ‘Oh Magnolia tree, look at that one’, to the children more times than I have reminded them to clean their teeth or move their shoes from the exact place I fall over them!

We have been in absolute awe of the magnificent blooms and I know people who tell me every time they see one, they think of me and I love that, it brings them and me joy.

However – the word magnolia is often associated with boring and was dubbed the UK’s most boring paint colour and as such suggests it doesn’t have any real depth or character.

Isn’t it interesting how a name of a colour elicits an emotional response?

It is in direct contrast to how and why I picked this word to be part of my company name and brand.

I selected it because of the symbolisation behind the tree and the fact it inspired the 2 values to be noble and to always persevere.

These trees have stood the test of time, every year – they always bloom. 

Some that we have seen on our walks I would think have bloomed for almost 100 years, even as the landscape changed around them, they have remained consistent.

The blooms come and go, year after year for just a few short weeks and are always such a great reminder that spring is on the way and warmer days are coming. (personally I can not wait for the warmer day!)

However, no one sees the hard work that goes on behind the scenes for just a few short weeks of bloom.

I feel it reflects in us, the hours of personal growth that we quietly do, not for anyone else but for ourselves, the reading, the absorbing new knowledge and being curious with new ideas. 

All working towards those moments of bloom.

Those kind words

‘It’s dedicating the time and space to explore something, and unpick it, with someone who can deeply listen and understand, and help provide context and meaning, which then allows you to open up and explore the issue’

We are reflecting on feedback and kind words from a recent coaching client on why investing time for them was so powerful.

We know at P&M we are passionate about coaching clients who see deep and fast shifts within themselves.

1:1 coaching is an investment that our clients understand and using intuitive psychology coaching framework brings coaching to a whole other level.

Thank you for all the kind words we receive, however we have supported you, it makes such a difference when people take the time to mutter those 2 small but significant words. 

Time to change with the season?

As we head into the new financial year, do you have a continuous personal development fund you don’t want to spend on the same old leadership training and want to see long lasting results?

Do you want to explore how to create a HR strategy that supports your people all year round?

Perhaps you have the flexibility to suggest development ideas within your company and fancy exploring something new. 

P&M’s coaching wait-list for May is open but spaces are limited.

The September wait-list will be opening shortly and more information on how you can access P&M on a new level will be shared in the next few months. 

The 1:1 are high value sessions and are for people who are ready to begin to invest in themselves this year. 

Is this you? 


As we start to see and feel many different shifts around us, remember to take the time for some reflection of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come!

In the same way seasons change, we all develop learn, heal, move forward in some way, every day.

Celebrate those small wins and they all make such a big difference in life. 

And, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed for whatever reason, our inbox is always open and we are happy to listen.  

Enjoy the slow shift into longer evenings, warmer days and keep sending those photos of magnolia trees our way! 



Peony & Magnolia